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So in #geo, the talk went nicely off topic and discussing about favourite films, and then onto favourite apocalyptic films, and what with the increasing tensions and conflict between Israel and Lebanon, Korea etc, there seems to be an increasing fear of nuclear end of the world. I grew up in the 80s with many others with acute nuclear-war anxiety, Threads , the Day After, When the Wind Blows, etc all led to us feeling very anxious. Since anxiety is not good for the health, and it is used as propaganda to influence peoples behaviour (i.e. you may die, buy this assurance) how can we fight back, restore the balance using maps and geographical information?

anxiety culture is a favourite site for a quick anti-anxiety fix.

How about simply showing how peoples fear, get it out in the open, or how different places, peoples, ages, cultures have different responses? <roger> chippy: can you index your anxiety map by specific anxiety and date? – great idea.

Ive done some work capturing these fuzzy kinds of data with tagger and I know there’s the British Crime Survey results around that can show which areas have more “fear” of crime. More research would be needed to find some more data.

Another idea would be to compare time series with scraped “events” from BBC/google news to see if there’s some correlation. Edits: or maybe by scraping through some sections of the blogosphere, and seeing how they react from day to day, and place to place.


4 thoughts on “anxiety maps

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  2. Hi Jeffrey, PML does look very good, wasn’t aware of it before. Not only can place and person be separated easily, but theres also various layers of influence, global and regional. PML seems to be able to help in the capture of this. One hear reports about Ireland or Albania being the happiest country, but it would be more interesting to see if the next street along is happier or not.

    Oh, and thanks for responding first to this blog!

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