Obligatory First Post

As an first post, I thought I would leave the Real World, and delve into Second Life. Second Life is interesting as that the content, objects and things that happen are made by the players, or to be more exact, its “residents”. Its not really a game, although there is a lot of play that goes on. One of the things that interests me, as a total beginner, is that its quite hard to find things to do in it. Or rather, select the good things from the crud. What is also interesting is how we can interact between First Life (this one) and the Second Life. For example, theres a way to blog quick messages from SL that gets posted, currently to one site, http://www.bloghud.com/. This uses something that i’m interested in – its mapping API http://secondlife.com/developers/mapapi/ which i will be exploring soon, possibly using the ning platform. There are other websites, such as snapzilla which allows you to post your screenshot directly from Second Life to the website.

Other news: I will shortly be leaving my current position for local government to a) spend more time on various projects / hacking and b) travelling and if this blog kicks off c) blogging. My first travels take me to the FOSS4G2006 conference in Lausanne. Should be interesting.


4 thoughts on “Obligatory First Post

  1. Oh, fantastic – I’ve been wanting to see more interesting linking between Ning and SL (mainly because I’m one of Ning’s Developer Advocates). If you run into any problems or have questions that need answering, give me a yell: yoz (at) ning.com.

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