more thoughts re: secondlife, maps and blogHUD

Chanced upon Koz Farina, maker of blogHUD (a Heads-Up-Display thingy that allows you to post to the blogHUD website), as I was wandering around the RSS/Podcast area. We talked about blogHUD, how it works, how it can be updated automatically, and the future, for example, posting to any blogging system. I can simply post to the blog by typing /9 and the text i want to write about. The posts come tagged with the location of where you blogged about. You can see my feed to the right here –>. The feed has the location embedded in as a SLurl, which could be scraped out, and mapped, but he may include a global geo coords in the feed, which could be good.
One option would be, who else has blogged about this area, within the last week?

Anyhow, my thoughts were that the Search button on the Second Life client suffered from spam. Personally, I cant stand land sales, slingo or casinos – how can I find what I like? Whats needed is some kind of rating, moderation, handpicks if you will. Perhaps a way to say, “this is a great place for exploring at night”, bookmarking in a way. Comments on my selection by other users, an aggregated, top picks from all the users. Perhaps using digg style voting, or a “who else likes the kind of things I like”, using tags to explore…

What I’m increasingly being made aware is a) The power of the Second Life scripting language, and b) the under-use of it and c) Theres now another thing that I will have to spend some time with


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