anxiety & happiness maps

Jeffrey has looked at Anxiety Maps some more and outlines a procedure to getting the data. The location of the blogger can also be captured, for example through Blogwise (Lebanon Bloggers) and through bloggers using geotags shows a way to map blogs using and geotags.

I’m thinking there could be two outputs, a map showing where people are worried about, and a map showing where people are worrying.

Psychology researchers from the University of Leicester have produced “the first” World map of happiness (from metafilter and many other sources) which is a subjective mapping exercise about peoples happiness in the world. It looks like it uses variables such as health, education, prosperity and education. “Health is more important than wealth or education”.

Its main message seems to be that Capitalism leads to happier people, as opposed to the idea of” the happy savage”, and that the anxieties of modern life are not that important to a countries happiness. (Perhaps worrying about other countries, is in fact a luxury!)

Second on the list of happiest places is Switzerland, so I should be able to report back on their relative happiness compared to the UK’s miserable 41nd position!


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