FOSS4G, Lausanne, Tagger and Switzerland

Heading off to Foss4G2006 conference shortly, should be fun and interesting. Theres some great workshops – looking forward to getting to finally work with Grass, and some interesting talks scheduled. Haven’t heard of an IRC backchannel, but i’m sure one will emerge. I will be taking part in the “demo-fest” and providing a poster. Wondering how and if I will be allowed to take the poster on board the plane… it is in a disposable rpg sized tube!

The poster snappily titled “A web based GIS solution to capturing everyday “fuzzy” geography“(pdf) (abstact) shows off the Tagger system, and shows the case study on Fear of Crime in Keighley, that I did when I was working for Bradford Council. (I’m currently a Hacker-on-Holiday)

After Lausanne, I’ll be doing some travelling around Switzerland, going to see a glacier or three in the alps, around Grindlewald, and then onto Meringen, where old Sherlock died, and onto Zurich and surrounds, with a quick visit to the Beer Festival of them all the Ocktoberfest in Munich. Should also be able to map some of these small towns for the osm too.