j2me, GPS, Mobile Phone #3 – odgps .odg convert to gpx & TrekBuddy

Nuno Bettencourt commented on a previous post about working on an “engine” to convert odg files from the freeware odgps j2me gps program (written about here). GPSBabel is probably the way to go, but C is outside my knowledge! (The pda version apparently supports gpx)

Possibly pre-empting that, but heres a php program on the Ning platform to convert from odg to gpx. It puts any waypoints at the beginning, and the track-log afterwards. The timestamps are also converted from Unix to the iso format. Add in the name of the exported .gpx file in the form, and it should run and give you a new file. Hope you find it useful! Oh, its on Ning, so, if you feel the need, you can view the source, clone it, and develop upon it.

I like odgps application a lot, although it has crashed a couple of times, after say an hour logging, probably a memory thing. There’s no new development on this freeware version of the app. One of the key features for my use is the easy way it can record waypoints, as its logging, and the nice navigation, satellites, and compass. However, whilst it can display a track, it doesn’t show a track as its being made.

TrekBuddy allows you to make your own maps and can help navigate around these maps. The interface works well, however I found, for my use (openstreetmap tracks), it didn’t record the tracks on the map, and only had a recording interval around 12 seconds or so, which is much too high. EDITS:: we can get 1 second intervals through setting nmea format for track recording. Very Nice!!. Although there was a little coloured dot showing the GPS reception, it was not that clear, on my small screen. However the trekbuddy Forums are friendly and active, and development is very active (albeit closed source), there’s even a post about OpenStreetMap, so we may see something develop in future releases, if so, let me know!