Swap: cycletourer.com for a tourer cycle

Swap http://www.cycletourer.com for a tourer.

I’ve had the cycletouer.com website for about six years now, and not got round to making it into a definitive cycle route sharing, planning and mapping site – mainly because I was never a hard core cyclists, a day tripper if anything – but also mainly because there was no google maps, and tools…. Now there are and I’m glad to see little sites springing up for the cycling community. (Cycletourer actually had a few routes around Perth in Western Australia, with hard coded HTML maps, but that was as far as it got). So who wants it? Its expiring in Jan 2007, I want a bike for it, a road tourer, nothing fancy, as it would probably be stolen, like my previous one, but one that can have panniers on, and ideally with suspension to help my back! I’m in Yorkshire UK, if that helps.
Also, I’ll take preference over those in the cycling and geo communities, (or with the nicest bike heh).

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