Grassroots remapping – OpenStreetMap conference for 2007?

Steve writes on about the first Openstreetmap conference mooted for mid 2007 in the UK. Looking forward to that, should be great to get everyone together around tables that haven’t, for the most part of the day, got beer on them. The active social nature of OSM’ers however is a postive strength and indication of the level of comittment and involvment by individuals to make this project suceed. Steve also posted an animated gif by RandomJunk for OSM activity in London. This is just one months worth of activity from 16 October to 14 November 2006!

Looking at the statistics for activity, users, people uploading tracks, editing map features etc, growth continues at a very healthy rate… and its very worth while asking when would the globe be covered?

I’ve been experimenting with osmarenderer, (a way to transform the xml formatted .osm data into SVG and pretty maps) changing some of the default rules the features are rendered, font sizes, symbols etc. It also showed up which segments and ways were out of order, or needed reversing – helping to correct some early JOSM work, and increase more thorough mapping. Heres a little map of my neighbourhood, I am slowly walking around with a gps, so things take time! someosmstuff.png
It was painless, fun, very customisable, and educational. I use Inkscape to edit the resulting SVG file. (The blank white areas, are not countryside, but are unmapped areas, maybe we should write “here be dragons”…)

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