3 thoughts on “Dominica Platial Blogging test #2

  1. Dominica, Carribean .. cool. I was nearby this summer in St Lucia and Dominican Republic.

    Planning OpenStreetMap activity while you’re there? Dominica is not too much larger than the Isle of Wight!

  2. Dominica is a lovely island, yes, very green mountainous and friendly people – However, I was there last year πŸ™‚ Alas, I didnt bring the GPS unit with me.

    Heh, its only about 5 miles across, true, but takes about a day to walk over the (volcanic) mountains! There’s also some interesting squatter villages, that have recently been recognised as “official” with the promise of services etc – I bet these havent been mapped yet..

  3. I’ll be in Martinique for 1 week at the beginning of january, I’m already stuffed with equipment (camera, scuba-camera, laptop), but will try to bring my GPS as well and do some tracks for OSM

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