ask city – draw, label, save and share maps

Ask City, a new mapping & search website from has been revealed (see techcrunch). Of particular interest and its greatest strength is the ability to draw on the map, add editable text labels, polygons, lines etc, to be able to save these “screenshots” without having to log in, and the ability to share these scribbled on maps with others, which can be further edited.


For example this map you should be able to annotate that, change any text and then send the new link to your friends. It should get more people familiar with sharing, annotating and using maps.

Also, this map becomes more than “where is the cinema”, it becomes a document, and a workable, editable one too… I can see these saved maps being traded on forums, emails, linked to from blogs.

Of course, its main aim is to find businesses etc, and at the moment is US centric. Techcrunch has some more info.