Map of walking times between tube stations

Shortwalk have posted a great map of the time taken to walk between London tube maps (via we-make-money-not-art). Last time I was in London, I eschewed the tube, and went around by foot, and for longer journeys, or when it was raining, the Bus. Walking was so much better, you can see and smell the city, experience how the neighbourhoods change, the people differ, the architecture changes, its great! The tube is quite stressful, and quite expensive! Tube travel is like plane travel between cultures, you pop up into another world, without any real notion of the transitions between start and finish.

Its amazing how close everything is. When you are in the tube, the distances seem so much further. I remember a few years ago getting the tube between Leicester Square and Covent Garden! The tube map although great for planning journeys really does distort distances.

They write:

“Also, when you walk, you dont have to stick to someone else’s plan. Walking means you can pop in to a shop to pick up the newspaper, have a coffee, post a letter, get some loo roll, or buy that Valentine’s gift for your significant other you have been meaning to take care of!

Walking also means you can plan your own route to suit your needs on a given day– if you are late you can take a short cut If you have some time, stop off at the Tate on your way home, or for a drink at the pub with mates.

Walking is about flexibility, and thinking outside of the box!”

Whilst i was there in London, I went on a great free walk (run by a YHA volunteer) to see some famous pubs associated with pirates and smugglers. These were away from the tubes, you wouldn’t have come across these if you were staying to the beaten tube-path. Guided walks are recommended for anyone, resident, frequent visitor, or first time tourist.

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