wmsplugin JOSM plugin updated

Just a heads up to let you know the WMS Plugin for the JOSM openstreetmap editor has been updated. Major credit should go to Frederik Ramm who did loads of great work on it to get it working much better and look nicer. You can get it here: wmsplugin.jar sources can be got on the svn – http://svn.openstreetmap.org/utils/josm/plugins/wmsplugin/ or here wmsplugin.tar.gz


New menu – clicking on a green WMS menu item will download the image. By default, Landsat and the NPE maps are installed.

Clicking on the “Rectified Image” item pops up a box, enter in the Metacarta Map Rectifer image id (e.g. http://labs.metacarta.com/rectifier/rectify/73 the id= 73 ), click OK, and it will download the image.

There’s even a “help” menu item, saying pretty much what you read here.


Adding a new entry in the WMSplugin preference tab puts it into the WMS menu on the main gui. You can also add in new entries from the advanced preferences (Einstein tab!) using the following schema:

wmsplugin.url.2.name=NPE Maps… etc

Displaying a Metacarta Map Rectifier rectified image doesnt autmatically add a new WMS entry for this. You will have to use the preference page to make one, like the following example, replacing 73 with your image id:


Bugs fixed include the removal of images from when you delete the image layer, so helping memory.

One thought on “wmsplugin JOSM plugin updated

  1. sir,
    In josm, how to find area of digitized polygon
    or what is the option and where it is?
    how to convert the image projection?(….=>utm)
    sir please advise me,i am waiting for your replay.


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