where2.0 and wherecamp

Back in the UK now. Attended and wherefaired Geocodr.net and went to wherecamp too. Some highlights and notes:

  • Microsoft jaw dropping lovely (in browser) 3D rendering
  • Googles “hmm, what can we do with that” nothing-new StreetView
  • Poly9’s FreeEarth flash globe.
  • Experiencing Flickr going offline just when it was really needed! Realising how much a mashup can be dependant on a single link in a long chain.
  • Meeting new folk, hanging out with some of the nicest people in the geo.
  • Hearing openstreetmap mentioned loads of times, and Mikel begging for people not to mention GeoRSS any more!
  • Getting perspectives on data availability in the Middle East and comparing it to the USA and UK.
  • Rich Gibson’s “Story” – using technology to aggregate, filter and report back to hold a mirror to oneself “You seem to be playing too much WOW, why dont you pop round your neighbours”
  • Where mobile app development -on my list.
  • Maplets – on my list
  • Yahoo’s FireEagle – on my list
  • Playing WhereWolf at wherecamp and being lynched for no good reason, and waking up to the sound of the yahoo display case crashing mysteriously.
  • Amateur forensics later that morning…
  • Delving into ideas about how to grab softer information about neighbourhoods, gist of a place
  • Good session about locative arts.
  • At wherefaire, the sonar-coat, a coat with proximity sensors sewn in, and heart rate monitor.
  • Doubling the amount of t-shirts I own through schwag.

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