Bradford Openstreetmap Pub Crawl. WYLUG gets mapping!

Come to Bradford, West Yorks, tomorrow for OpenStreetMap’s first ever Mapping Pub Crawl, courtesy of the West Yorkshire Linux User Group. It will be very casual, and informal, no GPS needed. From the email:
First Openstreetmap Pub Crawl

We will rendevous at the following locations and times:

6.00 p.m. ‘The Cock and Bottle’ BD3 9AA

7.00 p.m. ‘The Beehive’ BD1 3AA

8.00 p.m. ‘The Fighting Cock’ BD7 1JE

The idea is to plug a hole the map, and get fairly inebriated at the
same time.

It’s entirely informal, with no planning and no expectations.

See you there!

WYLUG seems to have been bitten by the Open mapping bug, recently, they had a very good presentation and talk about OSM, then they organised a micro mapping party last Sunday for Leeds. Eight enthusiastic folks turned up, myself included, and I helped map the famous Jimmy’s Hospital, and the area towards town, see it on the map (when it recovers from the ongoing slashdotting!), now Bradford, which is disgracefully empty in coverage, hence no links to the pubs. Wonder if any of my mapping ex-colleagues from the Council will come…

gpsmid j2me gps and osm

Wow, now that’s an acronym filled title! Way back last summer, I shared my impressions about a range of J2me software for your mobile phone, that did GPS stuff, with Openstreetmap. GpsMid has improved since then, and works lovely. Highly recommended!GpsMid maps on your j2me phone

Vectorised, compressed, it can also record tracks from bluetooth GPS. In active development, so get involved with it. Also there is a routing engine built into it, that shows nice blue turn arrows, which may work for you (I had some trouble using it, or perhaps I didnt read the doc)

Here are links to the precompiled jar and jad file, of Leeds centre, so give it a go, or compile your own, if it doesn’t work.

Also, in the pipeline is a simple app to make compiling the files much easier… watch this space.

New OSM animation

Way back in september, we had the Leeds mapping party, and I produced a nice animation from the traces.

Now, with some more traces, and a nice animation script here’s a new one hosted on motionbox (hoping to convert it into a flipbook… watch this space when I get one)


you can download the bigger original here:

NEW: Got the FlipBook today from Motionbox! It is really cool

EDIT: for video of flipbook

mapserver syntax file for gedit

Gedit is my editor of choice at the moment, but, with all it’s great plugins, it was kinda lacking when working with Mapserver map files. So far vim, textpad and notepad++ have syntax support for map files, and now I’m happy to announce, Gedit does!

gedit syntax for mapserver map files

There’s a bit of tweaking to get it working.

1. First, we need to tell gnome to associate the .map file with the syntax, by giving it it’s own mime-type (you could skip this, but then you would need to manually select the highlighting mode for each file).

Download this file: and copy it to /usr/share/mime/packages/ directory

Then, update Gnome’s mime database:

$ sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

2. Next download the syntax lang file: and copy it to the /usr/share/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs directory (or gtksourceview-2.0 if you are using Gutsy)

3. Restart gedit, open up a .map file and voila!

Thanks to the vim, notepad++ and texpad syntax files that I used to write this. Tested with Ubuntu 7.04 (Fiesty) and gedit 2.18.1 – let me know if it works, or doesn’t with Gutsy.

For Gutsy, gtksourceview2.0 .lang files have a different syntax – but it is meant to work with 1.0 version files. There’s also a conversion utility that could help.

EDITS: See comments for a way to get it working with Gutsy, thanks Michal!