Hathersage at Barcamp Sheffield

On the Sunday, a cold winters morning after partying, nine barcampers, including a family, headed off to the Peaks in Derbyshire to Hathersage – a pretty town, that was quite unmapped (before we went there!). We split up into groups and wandered around the village – our traces can be seen below:


We took the train from Sheffield to Hathersage, which gave allowed some time to get used to the gps units.

Wandering along quaint, but cold tracks, to mark those points!

Some of our group, being filmed by Bill:

of course, we met up in a pub, The Little John for extremely large plates of food, and beer.

All photos copyright Ian Ibbotson


7 thoughts on “Hathersage at Barcamp Sheffield

  1. This is great, many thanks Tim. You did yourself proud! The kids (And me) found out loads about mapping, GPS and more general stuff like satellites. Everyone was lovely and patient (Especially with Brandon, he can be a bit spirited :P) I’m waiting on my GPS unit now, and looking forward to getting out back into the peaks and improving the maps.. maybe high bradfield next weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just installed JOSM on my laptop, going to try and update my map data at the geekup in sheffield tonight.

    Truly one of the high-points of #barcampsheff for me this (And that truly is saying something considering how well things seem to have worked out).

    Many Thanks!

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    • Hi Stuart.

      I made this in JOSM, the Java editor. You can right click on a gps layer and choose the colour to show that layer in ๐Ÿ™‚

      JOSM remembers the colours for different files, too, which comes in handy.

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