Private Maps Now Available in the Warper

Added the ability to make your uploaded maps private in the Map Warper – only you will be able to see and edit these maps, they won’t show up on the lists.
You can also delete maps too.
Access to both these features are via the map’s edit tab.

maynooth map warper

Other bit of news is that I’ve disabled anonymous uploads, so sign up if you haven’t already.

Benefits Census Tiger

Sean writes: from (page 10)

When OpenStreetMap came to the United States, the Census Bureau’s TIGER line street data were already available in the public domain. This provided a huge jump-start for OpenStreetMap and the team quickly began updating and correcting errors in the data. Now there is a resource with updated and more accurate TIGER data available for the public. This cost Census no additional resources and no additional budget. In addition, the data made available by OpenStreetMap has provided the foundation for several technology start-ups creating new jobs and innovation in the marketplace.

nice quote.

times atlas, osm and mapmaker

News in brief style post… I really should do these as a podcast….

The Times Atlas, a wonderful coffee table sized book, has a section about OpenStreetMap. Nice!

Google MapMaker is releasing the data made by people using their Map Maker service, only for non-commercial and private use. Could be very useful for humanitarian work.  Currently for Kenya. Mikel does a great comparison of OSM vs Map Maker.

Google StreetView has launched in the UK for a few areas….highlights include half the photo covered with chestnut leaves, and in Bradford, the car being pulled over by the police. Ed writes a funny post about publicity, spectacle and the press, after the story about a village chasing the G car out of their roads.