A tale of a mapper from Uganda.

Picked this story from the OpenStreetMap IRC room – it’s is this very well written blog post by Rich about his thorny experiences in Uganda collecting data for OpenStreetMap.


At the time I thought it was ludicrous that they would suspect a white umuzungu as a terrorist, especially one with such as bad cover story that it took hours to explain what openstreetmaps was, that it was a volunteer activity, and that my reasons for doing this was primarily altruistic and maybe I can make money off selling it later

In keeping with some earlier posts:
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2 thoughts on “A tale of a mapper from Uganda.

  1. Scarey stuff.

    I guess carrying a copy of your passport would help in that situation. Also I suppose some official looking leaflets explaining OpenStreetMap would be useful.

    Reminds me slightly of Firefishy’s old encounter with some special embassy police here in the U.K. ( a while ago now http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Harry%20Wood/diary/5960 ) I remember he said they were confused and deeply suspicious that he had no business cards related to his mapping activity.

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