Haiti #2

Almost exactly a year ago, I finished the import of a large amount of road data for Haiti. This was the result of the mapping community responding to the devastating storms and flooding that shook the country, and the need for good quality data for people to share.  Now the country is struck by another disaster.

The main page coordinating efforts from OSM is here:


We’ve set up a special Map Warper instance at  http://maps.nypl.org/relief/maps has a number of public domain maps that you can warp. Please come along and rectify these maps. OSM volunteers will then trace over the top and add these onto the map.


One thought on “Haiti #2

  1. You see on the TV that the worse is not over with the rain, winds and hurricanes yet to hit Haiti. The amazing thing to me is that those in charge of the relief effort talk about errecting more tents to offer cover. This would be about as useful as putting your umbrella up in a force 10 gail. Someone needs to have a re-think and quickly before it is too late. Pre fab shelters are what is needed and on a large scale.

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