WhooTS a small wms to tile proxy – WMS in Potlatch

WhooTS is a small and simple wms to tiles proxy / redirect system.

Essentially it enables the use of WMS in applications that only accept Tiles (google / Openstreetmap scheme) – WMS is now in Potlatch!

How to use it?



a mapwarper map:


viewing it in Potlatch, the OpenStreetMap editor:

Goes to:


Its’s quite simple, does not do any caching, it just redirects a tile url to an equivalent WMS request. It would only work with WMS servers that accept EPSG:900913 projections, and at the moment, it outputs OSM / Google Tile scheme, not a proper TMS tile scheme.

It’s written in Ruby with the Sinatra micro web application framework. The code is available on GitHub too. http://github.com/timwaters/whoots


3 thoughts on “WhooTS a small wms to tile proxy – WMS in Potlatch

  1. Officially, there is no EPSG:900913, and EPSG:3857 should be used for the popular web mapping projecton (a.k.a. spherical mercator).

    At least mapserver-based WMS-s which work nominally in EPSG:4326 (a.k.ka WGS-84, very popular among WMS-s) can do internal implicit reprojection to EPSG:3857, if you just make request in decimal degrees. Actually your telascience mapserver request relays on this feature.

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  3. Hi Tim,

    Interesting. Could we use similar approach in following scenario:

    MapQuest used to have a Tile service which has been deprecated. Now they only have a Static API which expects Lat, Lng instead of ${x} ${y}. Could we make a middleware which exposes TMS interface and uses MapQuest Static API internally ?

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