268 Different Colourful Tiles – Plain Tile Maker

Plain Tile Maker was my weekend project – a mapping tile service that serves one colour tiles as a tile basemap.
There are about 268 colours to choose from – basically anything that the underlying library (Imagemagick) supports.
It was developed for me to play around on the Heroku platform, and as a response to a GeoCommons.com user question, where the user wanted a way to show just a plain one colour background.
This solution is more flexible, and really easy.






The format is


So for example,



And in return you get a 256×256 sized image of that colour.



You can use it in your mapping libraries, for example: With OpenLayers:

var colourTile = new OpenLayers.Layer.XYZ(
 "Plain Colour Tile",
 { sphericalMercator: true,
 buffer: 1,
 numZoomLevels: 17

And with Leaflet:

new L.TileLayer('http://plaintiles.herokuapp.com/colourName/{x}/{y}/{z}.png', {maxZoom: 18});

Or you can add them to GeoCommons quite easily. Add


in the Add a URL link, choosing Map Tile URL from the format, and  then give it a nice name when prompted.

Here’s the Bisque tiles in GeoCommons.

I’ve used the in a map it to give a ghosting effect over the basemap, and to just show my own boundaries. http://geocommons.com/maps/181231  is a map made with some World Boundaries over the plain bisque map we had just added. I’ve also overlaid the Acetate Labels layer on top for context.

Want to know more? The code for this is on github.