A Web Maps Primer using MapWarper.net (via NYPL Blog)

Mauricio from the innovative NYPL Labs has just published an extensive tutorial on how to use MapWarper.net with GeoJSON, MapboxJS, and JSFiddle to create your own historical web map, as he says it is  “a primer on working with various free web mapping tools so you can make your own awesome maps.” The end result is worth checking out.


In the tutorial the following steps are included:

  1. geo-referencing the scanned map so that web tiles can be generated
  2. generating GeoJSON data to be overlaid
  3. creating a custom base map (to serve as reference/present day)
  4. integrating all assets in an interactive web page


Its a very detailed introduction to a wide range of new, free and open geo tools on the web, and I cannot recommend it high enough! It’s also great to see mapwarper.net being used in this way!

Using MapWarper maps inside CartoDB

The CartoDB folks recently published a tutorial on how to use the NYPL’s MapWarper maps inside CartoDB.

You can of course use http://mapwarper.net if you want to upload your own images.

These maps. made by Andrew Hill look lovely, and it’s very easy to use – using the tile XYZ template:


Screenshot from 2015-01-06 16:08:28


Screenshot from 2015-01-06 16:08:46