Wikimedia IEG Grant funds Wikimaps Warper for 2016

The Wikimaps Wikimedia Commons Warper project has recieved an Individual Engagement Grant for 2016. Go read this post by Susanna Annas, project lead for the Wikimaps Warper introducing the work for the Warper 2.0 in the Wikimaps Blog. It’s one of fourteen projects that Wikimedia has funded.

Here is what we are working towards – a complete redesign of the interface.


This grant is to lay the ground before this work can happen. We need to decouple the application, rewire it. To do this I am gutting out the internals of the Mapwarper Rails application and implementing an API so that third party applications can find, query maps and mosaics, warp and crop maps and upload and add maps. We will also be improving the connections to Wikimedia Commons to enabled easier additions of maps. We’re probably going to be adding built in caching of the WMS and Tiles to improve performance, towards a production ready performant system ready for the loads of millions of users. We’ve half a year to do the work.

We are developing on GitHub, using the issues and milestones for issue tracking and I’ll be logging the development on the Wikimaps page on the Commons Wiki.