Leeds Riot Map 1643 – 2002

From varied causes and peoples including Chartists to Suffragettes in many places including Holbeck to Chapeltown the City of Leeds has seen many riots over the years. I created two things – a static map of some Leeds Riots for a print publication (RIOT!) in conjunction with Leeds based Fictions Of Every Kind. And an interactive map website LeedsRiotMap.co.uk

Screenshot - 180716 - 12:38:59

Made for James (Jimmy) Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour visit to The Chemic Tavern, Leeds, 14-21 July 2016, the Leeds Riot Map shows 23 riots from 1643 to 2002.




http://leedsriotmap.co.uk/  was made using the JQuery + Leaflet StoryMap plugin. As you scroll through the riots in chronological order, the map zooms and pans to the location of the riot. The basemap is Stamen’s black and white OSM basemap. Locations are approximate (interestingly, it was the more modern riots which were harder to place) and the details and reporting isnt guaranteed to be accurate either!

Should you spot errors or omissions with the site, please contact me or add an issue on github.





Archiving old warper.geothings.net geodata and images

The first map warper application lived on http://warper.geothings.net and for a long while it used to run in parallel to the New! Improved! and much faster warper at mapwarper.net

Here’s 27K control points that people added around the world on warper.geothings.net  (There’s over 107K GCPs on mapwarper.net – maybe I’ll do another map for that)

Screenshot - 050716 - 15:45:52

I’ve turned off the Rails application and have archived:

  • 5,100 maps metadata in CSV format
  • 27,409 Ground Control Points in CSV format
  • All the clipping masks in GML
  • All the maps source images converted to TIFF format
  • All the maps georectified images in TIFF and PNG formats

Simply pop over to http://warper.geothings.net if you want to check them out.