Digital Gazetteer for Library of Congress and NYPL
An open source gazetteer using open data sources aimed at bibliographic remediation and multiple place record conflation. It supports temporal data models and is a functional historical gazetteer. Fully versioned with rollback and rollforward, vector editing, mixed geometry. Python, Django,Backbone.js using ElasticSearch as a fast geospatial database

NYPL Map Tools
Suite of map tools for New York Public Library – applied to historical map collections. Comprising, collaborative map georectification, map vector digitiziation, exhibition curation tool “geo-chrono-bibliotron”.

Map Warper
Online open source map rectifier written in Ruby On Rails
And utilising  GDAL, OpenLayers and mapserver.

A simple and small WMS server, using sinatra and ruby mapscript, for people to upload and serve geotiffs.

Geocodr is a geocoding website and webservice that uses k-means clustering to geocode places based on peoples Flickr Photos.

A fuzzy web based GIS. Try out the demo
Main project home:
Recently applied to PPGIS study in NW USA Mapping Tradeoffs in Values at Risk at the Interface Between Wilderness and Non-wilderness Lands” (pdf)
TimeTravelAgents written with RubyOnRails, is a project to provoke interest in scientific funding, faith and fun.
A humour site for cartographic disasters.

Find The Lost Strength Facebook app
RubyOnRails + Facebooker application – a personality profiler

Bespoke GIS Consultancy
GIS analysis and map production for your organisation or business.

Data imports, workshops, training, speaking. Member of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Google Summer of Code Mentor for OSM.
A Java mapping editor for OpenStreetMap. WMS Plugin & UserTools Plugin

JustCoffee, RubyOnRails e-commerce application for charity.
GPSMid, map application for phones (j2me)
Mobile Trails Explorer map application for phones (j2me)

Other things:
Flickr camera ownership distrubtions.
True Flickr GeoRSS feed creator.
Online crime statistics & mapping for Bradford City Council.

Leeds Pyschogeography Group
Miniature Bollard Derive
White Horseman Derive

Lee Farm Drive Seacroft Derive



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