Cloudmade Dev Launch

Back from CloudMade launch in London. Richard gives a great summary of the entire evening.

Enjoyed talking to Juha Christensen, the chairman of CloudMade about business models, and my theory of disruptive industries and investments. Very generalised it’s this: If you invest in me, you won’t get a ROI from this investment, you will only get a ROI if you have invested in these other companies as well; if you do not invest in me, your investments in these other companies will suffer. Anyhow, Juha responded saying it could apply but only where there just the one value chain. CloudMade’s aim is creating a new value chain. So, a short term investment opportunity, nonetheless, but in the long term, this new value chain has to prosper. I may have to file it with my time travel theory until I speak with an expert!

(Still) looking forward to playing with the style editor – closed beta, but they are opening up accounts all the time. Steve Chilten asked a question about whether the xml files (needed for doing your own map) can be downloaded, and got a “no”. Not now anyhow. Wonder if people will reverse engineer it…

Back to making money, their plan is to charge / revenue share for heavy / corporate users, and adverts. Adverts are not that popular.

One idea could be for advertisers details to be imported into the osm database, and so the data will be shared and “given back”?

Overall, good evening, great to meet up with folks, old and new, and to see John’s all spruced up and running with some CloudMade tiles.

If anything, it’s these custom tiles which will be the big thing next year speaheaded by CM (my more general prediction for the industry would be in the realm of mobile stuff, and  we’ll see a follow model for personal geo information).

2nd Leeds Mapping Party with Leeds First Web Festival

In just under two weeks, on the Sunday during Barcamp, we’re having the Second Leeds Openstreetmap Mapping Party.

It’s free but sign up at the eventwax form, so we know how many people to come. GPS and instruction are provided, so newbies are more than welcome. The party is sponsored by, the “disruptive” startup founded by Nick and Steve. Cheers guys! The main organised day is Sunday, starting at 10:30, and meeting back at lunch to hand off from barcamp, with drinks and a meal in the evening but if you are around on the Saturday, you are encouraged to do some mapping too!

It’s almost a year since the first mapping party, and a lot has been done, the number of mappers in and around the city has tripled in size, and there are less blank spaces on the map. Here’s a map showing the state a year ago, and the state today.

The mapping event it also part of Leeds’ First Web Festival, snappily known as LS1.

A month of tech and web events that shows this city as being a major hub for innovation and creativity. (The first movie ever made was filmed in Leeds in 1888, and Leeds had the first traffic lights in 1928!)