BarCamp Leeds Map

Here’s a map of the registrants for BarCamp Leeds 2007, from the registration data given to me by Imran. Nice to see a wide spread of people from around the place, and, as you can see, they are mostly up North! It uses  the very good Openlayers JavaScript mapping api, and the default underlying mapping is of OpenStreetMap  but also Yahoo, and Google Hybrid map can be seen (thanks Chris for the OSM tiles!).

Looking forward to barcamping, going to do something geo, whether opensource geostack, openstreetmap, or desktop GIS stuff, who knows! Any suggestions?

(Got this up on on the day I’ve registered it)


3 thoughts on “BarCamp Leeds Map

  1. If you set sphericalMercator: true option on the Yahoo and Google layers, you can use the standard (not squished) OSM tiles.

    This is as of OpenLayers0.5

  2. Ahh, but then I think I would have to reproject the points, that come from a csv Text Layer… but it’s worth pointing out that the UK looks “wrong” squished like that 🙂
    Maybe i’ll tweak it later 🙂

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