platial makes dream reality: lucky penny map

Way back in 1999, I had a free hosted website. ( with the idea of getting people to submit where they found a lucky penny, what happened that day, post pictures, trade and swap lucky pennies. All this depended on web mapping (remember back to 1999) and all I had was a manually made HTML imagemap, so of course nothing happened! Now thanks to Platial , I’m able to do most of this, well, at least allow people to add and share their locations and stories. They’ve featured it on their blog too.

Heres the link to the lucky penny map

Joined up to Platial last year soon after their launch but hadn’t really found something I wanted it to be used for. This way, it’s an “open” map, and so other people can add their experiences, finds, pictures – something that’s ideally suited to Platial.

Looking forward to seeing their mapkit integrate with wordpress better – a side bar is a bit too small for this blog, but would be nicer on a separate page.

edits: here’s a marvellous lucky penny website

6 thoughts on “platial makes dream reality: lucky penny map

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